Eibach 2013 Lake Elsinore, California

Words & Photos : Matt Mishodek

After the hour wait to get a couple blocks from the freeway to the event area, i was greeted my hundreds of eager Honda fans that were braving the heat just to see some amazing builds. This was the first year having Eibach at Lake Elsinore and it was a nice change in scenery.

Eibach attracts people of all ages. Modified wagons have become very popular lately in the stance scene, that way kids can wear tires too
Eibach seems to attract huge crowds of people from all over the country, making it the largest Honda meet
The Honda crowd has always paid extreme detail to attention to their bays. This Rywire E-AT civic bay was by far the most impressive
Rocking a set of custom rebarreled Evo Regemasters 

This very unique wagon was turning heads all day long with a attention grabbing color scheme
Very clean and simple civic representing NvUS
Many cars are either loved or hated.I feel like this civic fit into that category very well. The Japanese influences were very noticeable

Ever Bonilla pushing the limits of what is possible in a civic. Running extreme camber and offset.
Super rare Lowlifecrooks edition civic

There was a wide variety of cars, ranging from full on race cars, project builds, weekend show cars and daily driven rides.
This year at Eibach the wheel game seemed to be the best it has ever been, fancy rims were everywhere. These SSR's are a prime example
Michael Mao's NSX was constantly surround by a group of people who were checking out the custom 24-karat gold plated, re-barreled Mugen MF10 wheels

A project car that just screams with potential. Proving that not all good cars have to look perfect
This CRX takes clean to a whole new level, with the K series motor and full leather interior.

Frank "Downstar" EG standing out with clear tail lights and sporting a rear diffuser
Ricky Vallejo's spotless interior in his Weekend Playerz wagon
Chris Garay rocking the rare gold Nardi, representing Akebono USDM

This year's Eibach event was the best one yet. The vast variety of cars made it entertaining, never knowing what you were going to see. The engine bays are getting crazier than ever and the cars are getting lower and lower. Events like this really make you appreciate how much effort is put into every build, no matter what kind of car they are. If you are looking for inspiration, this is the perfect place to gather ideas.