SPARKLE GARAGE : Memorial Day 2013

Words by: Steven Plascencia
Photos by: David "Bojangles" Nguyen

I'm pretty sure that the majority of us spend Memorial Day, and the weekend that comes before that, drinking and relaxing with the family. Either throwing a few steaks on the grill or watching a baseball game with the folks. But instead of tossing back a few beers and calling it a day, the Sparkle Garage family decided to shred a few sets of tires in Apple Valley, CA and Bojangles Photography was kind enough to donate these shots he took of the boys sliding their Cressida's around the track. Enjoy.

Here we have Lloyd Letherman coming around the corner in is x7
Kevin Sarao coming around a bend

Irik Farnacio hittin it from the side

Mark and Charlemagne getting some tandem action
One more of Lloyd's much anticipated project never hurt anyone.

Thank you again David for allowing me to post up these photos!
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