it's jdm yo's "just doing me social"

This past weekend it'sJDMyo had an event that my newest photographer Matt Mishodek attended and grabbed all kinds of shots, these were just some of the hundred or so that really jumped out at me, hope you all enjoy the skill that Matt brings to the site.

Chivas came all the way from AZ representing the Royal Origin banner

Enrique's 300zx from Low n Slow crew

Akebono USDM giving old school Honda's a good name

David was definitely #wrekingpanties with that stance 

This mini van rocking a H22 swap with a flipped head and itb's to top it off

Le Sexual Chocolate also from Low n Slow crew

Aaron's SilvEighty (left) and Matt's Hatch (right)

Beautiful RX7

Mr. Hipari Shakai dumping in a no dumping zone.

You know he rolls hard.

Noel from Canibeat in his sexy ass Rocket Bunny FRS

That jelly tho!

A big thank you goes to Matt, thanks for this great coverage and welcome to the team my dude!