Forced Hibernation

 If you have been visiting the page in the last few days then you may have clicked play on the video of the week, and if you have watched this video once then you should have fallen in love at first sight (and if you didn’t then there is something wrong with you and you should get checked into a hospital). 

We’ve all heard the term “breakin’ necks & causin’ wrecks” but if you’ve seen this car then there is a pretty good chance you might be rocking a neck brace at this very moment. Now I haven’t personally seen this beauty in the flesh but I’ve seen my fair share of videos and pictures, but I assume to watch Stephen Knoop slide the ass of this LS1 powered S14 is a blessing to the eyes and to hear it roar is a whole other story.

Now there is good news and bad news to this story, if you follow Stephen on any social media then you would know that he fucked his knee up pretty badly in a skating accident. So badly that he has to hobble around his house and is in so much pain he uses his crutch to drive around in his daily. Now the good news is that Stephen took the time this weekend to clean his garage (with a pimp limp) and snap a couple of shots of his beast in hibernation.

-GP Sports G Sonic One front bumper (discontinued)
-JDM Grill
-Modified 'Friends Style' side skirts
-JDM rear bumper and URAS valances
-C-West Mini Spoiler
-Bomex Type 2 Mirrors
-Custom front bumper support/bash bar built by BC at Ramey Built
-Custom fender pull utilizing OEM metal, no material was added to the outside to create the flair
-Porsche Racing Green Metallic paint and body work done by Stock or Modified Body Works

Engine/Drivetrain/Engine Bay
-98 LS1 bottom end with
   - ARP rod and main bolts
   - Custom 224/224 Lutani cam
   - Clevite rod and main bearings
   - LS4 oil pump
   - LS2 timing chain
   - 703 truck heads
   - Dual valve springs/retainers
   - Trick Flow hardened push rods
   - LS6 intake manifold and PCV system
   - Modified Hooker Block Hugger headers with 3" downpipes - fabbed by Sikky
Sikky complete mount kit with:
   - CNCed solid motor mounts
   - Aluminum drive shaft
   - Power steering lines
   - Master cylinder conversion
   - Oil filter relocation kit with SR20 Grex oil cooler
   - Sikky 7-quart oil pan
-Custom Exhaust - 3" off the headers with high flow cats, to a single 4" with a vibrant race muffler, to dual 4" tips - Fabricated by BC at Ramey Built
-Rebuilt F-body T-56 transmission with Spec Stag 3 clutch and SLP lightened flywheel
-KA Mishimotor radiator
-Custom fuel system using a Corvette FPR/Fuel Filter and -6AN line
-OS Giken Super Lock 1.5-way LSD
-RE-Spec Garage tubs with fender well modification for maximum wheel clearance

-Sparco Rev seat with Bride FG rails
-Nardi Deep Corn 350mm steering wheel with Works Bell hub and NRG quick release
-RE-Spec Garage Formula-D/SCCA spec cage

-Custom Sempek Wheel 'Knoops'
-2X 17X10 -18
-2X 17X11 -1
-4X 17X11 +12 BBS RSs

-Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers with Z32 rear mounts and Swift Spring upgrades 10k/9k
-Parts Shop Max Pro Knuckle
-Ikeya Formula inner and Tien outer tie rods with spacer
- Modified front and rear lower control arms with custom roll center adjusters utilizing 3/4" spherical bearings and Chevy circle track ball joint shanks
-Fortune Auto tension rods with RE-Spec Garage boxed in tension rod brackets
-Z32 rear aluminum uprights modified to work on a S14 (by BC at Ramey Built) with Skullworks & Defworks shock mount spherical bearings
-Fortune Auto Traction and Toe Arms
-Parts Shop Max rear subframe risers
-Q45 front brakes
-OS Giken front strut bar

Stephen, thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort into grabbing these shots for me and for the people to see.

Get well soon homie,
Steven Plascencia