Island Boy

Mikal Barchenger II, and his 91 Miata

Ever meet someone for the first time and instantly just clicked with them on all levels? Never having an previous conversations or any contact what so ever, then the moment when you are park next to eachother you have that first convo about, you guessed it, your cars.

As soon as Mikal and I shook hands on a Saturday afternoon meet I knew this was the start of a great friendship.

Diamond Racing Wheels-15x10 -15et
Mikal left Hawaii not to long ago, and was in search for something bigger, and his move to california was a good move, this is his first state car and man is he doing it right. this dail driven miata gets scraped and cruises from La Habra to LA where Mike goes to school where he literally fixes the broken necks that are caused by staring at his car (he's a chiropractor).

If you ever see this tiny white Miata cruising down the street with a giant in the drivers seat, don't be afraid to say "aloha" to Mike, you will get a head nod in return and a view of this nice rear end.  

Exterior- Hardtop, front and rear R-package lip kit, g-wing, quad hids, and a custom exhaust.

Footwork- style roll bar, lsd, Megan coils, Diamond wheels wrapped in 195/45/15 Federal tires.

Interior- nrg quick release with momo steering wheel, nrg 4pt harnesses, cypher racing seats. Ice - pioneer headunit, ma audio all around, 6.5 components, w/ 12" sub in hatch (not trunk).

Next project is to start the interior then build the engine up a little. "Keeping it simple and rowdy" - Mikal B.

Thaank you for the photos Phil!
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