Let the Summer Begin

Words & Photos: Steven Plascencia

So its summer time now, and for many us who work on their cars, that mean driving our cars every weekend to shows, events and your even your weekly meet. But for me the summer is full of work and summer classes because in the fall I'm moving into my own place. One thing I'm proud to say is that my Integra is finally painted, well primed and based at least. There is still alot more things I need to do to her. but this feature isn't about me or my car.

I really want to to take some time and let everyone know publicly that I really appreciate all the love that myself and thegaragelife name have been receiving lately. If you follow me on Instagram (@thegaragelife) you have witnessed the transformation of my ugly ass car, and just the amount of appreciation and compliments just makes this build so worth it. But what inspired me to write today was the amount of love and wishes I got today when my tire blew out and everyone wished that i was okay and that the car was fine and that really made my day better and forget about the fact that I can't afford another pair of rubber. But with positive thinking comes positive actions.

I'm lucky enough to have friends in high places, a friend of mine, Bruce Amurao, let me bring the car to his shop (Wheelers Motorsports) and my friend Mark was kind enough to lend me a pair of wheels with tires until I can recoup some money for another pair. So thank you guys for offering your help and services in my time of need.

Now before I get you all to send me hate mail, I want to let everyone know that I chose to drive around this my tires this badly worn. I had actually made arrangements to pick up a pair of wheels with tires tomorrow.

XXR 002 16x8 0 offset all around with 195.50.16 Falken (Meaty Flush running -3 camber)
Stranded on the 57 NB right before the Imperial Hwy exit.
So again thank you everyone that wished me luck and checked to see if I was okay. Can''t wait ti see whats next...