Break Necks Cure Cancer Coverage

Words: Steven Plascencia
Photos: Matt Mishodek

For those who know me, I'm pretty late when it comes to deadlines. not super late but almost there. 
If you had been around for the last month then you would have seen me pushing the Break Necks Cure Cancer meet pretty damn hard and this is just some of the people that came and showed support and helped us raise money for cancer research.

Chris reppin AkebonoUSDM in his clean EF9

Teammate Dakota with his dead body in the trunk

Salvador from Nostalgic Monsuta in his 1st gen Celica, and yes he drifts it

Sean from Club Audacious just cooln'

Steven just killin it with his boat from Club Audacious

I love me a shuttle. 

Anthony from Club Audacious reppin for me out in the IE

Big brotha Mikal showing off Hipari with his new suspension (bags)

Irik from Sparkle Garage came through

        Eddie just killin it

"Whats Gucci?" Adrian from Club Audacious

Nostalgic Monsuta in full effect

Love the stance

Staff member Matt waited for the sun to go down for his shot

Don't know the owner but I know he lives in Chino Hills

Nostalgic Monsuta

Aaron and his SR-swapped SilEighty

N O S T A L G I C x M O N S U T A 


Mr. Hipari Shakai

Mark from Sparkle Garage

Thanks again everyone for coming out and showing the support! As always, its nice to meet the follwers and can't wait see everyone at the net event.