They Call It Puppy Love

Matthew Saneeha and his 08 Civic Si

At the meet there is always a guy that has that car that you cant help but do a double, maybe even a tripple take. Matt's Civic happens to be just that car. Matt has been down for the cause since day one, always the first to show up (even before me) and rolls deep with his son and his lady by his side. He is a hard working young buck and his FG2 has been catching fame ever since he drove out to Las Vegas with his low clearance Honda.
Just 2 months ago this Civic was not the car you see today, I actually remember this car when it was completely stock and still rocking the dealership plate covers. Since the day Matt came into ownership he has been cranking parts left and right at this beauty. After couple weeks he dropped it on some Skunk 2 lowering springs, but after of week of that nonsense he went and got full coilovers and his wheel game in check in the same sitting.

Ballin on a budget is okay since this man has a kid to feed, a lady to wine and dine and rent to pay. So for now these BBS reps are okay in my book. Remember that wheels don't make a person. Under the hood it's stock as fuck with that hfp front lip and sti underlip this face is to die for.

Matt loves his car to death and he can't wait to continue on with his project.

"This build will never end"
-Matthew Saneeha

Photos courtesy of my ninja, Phillip Awad