Sorta Lo

This story actually goes back moths before I created this blog, back to when I was just a youngin and I was introduced to the east coast family known as Sumospeed. This team/family/group literally does no wrong, and this "all show, no go" Jetta is just one of many clean cars coming from my friends in Virginia.

Mary Ryan has been a member of the Sumospeed team for a year and a half now and she is proud of it. She was very quick to throw out, "It's my daily  and I love my car very much." and who else wouldnt. Her 02 Jetta is sitting nice and snug on 18x8.5 (f) and 19x9.5 (r) 3sdm wheels wrapped with a  set of 215/40/18 and 19 Yokohama tires.
Her car has mods here and there but since its just for looks it doesnt need to be heavily dowsed with upgrades, Mary did a great job on keeping it simple and clean with Gli rear valances ande sideskirts, and repaired Gli lip. Oem monster floormats, a euro switch, bumper grill fogs, oem rep euro hids, badge less grill, 10mm spacer all around. in the wheel wells she has custom painted teal calipers with drilled and slotted brakes and of course her Stock 2.0L motor, shitting on everyones mpg's.

 Mary would like to give thanks to the Sumospeed family and Logan Wilson for these amazing shots. And I would like to thank Mary for sending this to post up, like I've always said, the east coast scene always has a special place in my heart and on this site.